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Babysitting / Emergency Childcare

Babysitting must meet the same requirements as a regular childminder and be performed by a qualified and trained professional. 

With a babysitter O2, your children will not stay in front of the TV while the nanny plays on her smartphone.

Our nannies are full of ideas and support material to share with your children in different activities to put forward their talents.

» Call a babysitter O2

When should I call a babysitter O2?

  • When you wish to spend time with your spouse (restaurant, with friends, cinema, theatre).
  • When grandpa and grandma tell you that they go on holiday from 13 till 27 July, while you counted on them to keep your toddlers.
  • When you wait for a place in a day-nursery and none is available before 15 days.

Choose the best for your children!

O2 offers you a tailor-made solution very quickly
  • For your children safety, all our childminders are trained in first aid.
  • You will not have to worry about anything: O2 is the employer and we do the paperwork therefore you do not bear the legal risks.
  • ou can benefit from PAJE, childcare financial assistance. You are free to choose the type of childcare

For all unexpected and unforeseen events of the daily life, rely on O2:

  • Your child gets sick, 39 ° of fever at 7 am, you are unable to put back the meeting of 9am.
  • Your nanny calls in sick at 8am and she is not in condition to take care of your children today.
  • Your HR Director requires you to attend a mandatory meeting at 8 pm this evening and your husband will not return before 8:30 pm.

2 meets your last-minute needs within 30 minutes, proposing you an available childminder who suit your needs.

Looking for an emergency childcare? Call us now on 02 43 72 02 02!