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Childcare in Foreign Language

English, German, Spanish, Chinese …
A childminder native of the country will wake your children up to a foreign language at a very early age

The reliable solution O2

During the assessment visit in your home, O2 will offer you two solutions depending on your expectations and the age of your children.

  • A childminder native of the country who will speak permanently to your children in the chosen language, for total immersion.
  • A bilingual childminder who will alternate between French and foreign language, for a smooth language awareness.

Facilitated-learning Process

  • Your child is in his/her environment, the ideal framework for memorising
  • The language awareness is achieved through simple daily actions and awareness activities: A great way to combine fun and learning

Note: the goal is not that our childminder give language courses to your child.

Why to learn a foreign language at a young age?

The best method to master a foreign language is to learn it from an early age because the children’s ability to remember what they hear is much better.

For several reasons, more and more parents strongly support this type of solution :

  • The earlier learning of a foreign language, the more the child will be prepared for the upper courses.
  • Many parents got or will get to live abroad for professional reasons
  • Mastering a foreign language is often a prerequisite in the world of work
  • Mastering certain languages will allow children in the future to access to positions in emerging countries (China, Brazil)

When can our childminders provide the service ?

  • After School
  • Wednesdays
  • After nursery
  • During holidays


Childminders’ recruitment

We recruit native persons speaking and understanding French in order to communicate with the children, families and the supervising staff. But we also recruit Frenchs showing a good level of studies in foreign languages ​​(tested in interview). Naturally, it is necessary to prove experience and skills in childcare, that’s why all our employees follow the same rigorous process of recruitment and training.

Our childminders are professionals trained in the O2 method :

  • Enable your children to grow up safely
  • Enable your children to grow up and to blossom