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Frequently Asked Questions

About the O2 professionals

  • Will it always be the same person who works at my house?

    Yes, apart from exceptional situations such as accidents or illness.

  • What happens if my home cleaning professional is ill or unavailable?

    We will ensure continuity of service. Thus, if you wish, we will propose a replacement who is just as competent and professional.

  • How are your home cleaning professionals recruited?

    Our recruitment process is very rigorous: a first selection is made on the basis of the CVs received.
    We then call the selected people to a presentation of the company, our work and the qualities we require. People who are interested and keen then fill in an application form.
    After a further selection, our human resources managers interview the candidates individually. The personal interview includes:
    -A practical test (for example, a timed ironing test: shirts to be ironed impeccably in a minimum time)
    -A theory questionnaire on techniques
    -A personality interview (motivation, expectations and constraints).
    Finally, we check the candidates’ references and ask for an “extrait de casier judiciaire” (equivalent of CRB disclosure).

  • Are your employees trained?

    Yes. We offer to our house cleaning professionals courses on developing ironing techniques, cleaning new and noble materials, windows and looking after floors, etc.
    In addition, all our childcare home cleaning professionals are trained in safety and first aid (they hold AFPS or SST first aid certificates). So you can be sure that your children will be cared for in all safety.
    In 2010, 2,050 of our employees received this training.
    Our employees are perfectly qualified with respect to your needs and expectations. We have so much trust in our employees’ skills that we assume liability by offering the “Satisfied, redone or your money back” guarantee.

About the services:

  • Am I free to set the hours and frequency of the services?

    It is you who decides. We organise the services according to your wishes.
    Gardening: The days and hours can be modified if weather conditions do not allow to provide the service in good circumstance

  • Can I suspend services during my holidays?

    Yes, you can stop them and start them again when you get home (except for gardening services). You only pay for services carried out. However, make sure you give us at least 8 days’ notice so that we can organise things (house cleaning, ironing, elderly care and gardening) and at least 15 days’ notice for childcare services.

  • How does the “satisfied, redone or your money back” guarantee work?

    Very simply!
    If you are not satisfied with one of our services, tell us within 48 hours. We will then offer to redo the service free of charge or give you your money back.
    Our relationship is based on trust: we will never question the fact that you are not satisfied. We will just ask you the reason so that we can improve our quality of service and manage to satisfy you completely.

  • What happens if the professional damages or breaks something?

    We are insured for possible damages caused during the services carried out by our professionals in your home. Depending on your formula, an insurance can be applied.

  • How long is the contract for?

    Our regular contracts for house cleaning & ironing, childcare and elderly care are no time commitment. We do not think it is right to force you to make a commitment for a long period of time!
    You can therefore stop the services at any time, at no cost, giving just 8 days’ notice before the next work session (house cleaning & ironing and elderly care). For childcare, there is a different notice period: it is set at 1 month.
    And because a beautiful garden is a garden maintained regularly, we offer annual gardening subscriptions (minimum 12 months) and seasonal (lasting 3 to 11 months).

  • Are there minimum lengths of work sessions?

    The minimum duration for a service is 2 hours. This helps reduce our employees’ travel time and also increase the efficiency of our work (as it proportionately reduces the time taken to start and finish the service).

  • What is the point of the assessment visit?

    Your branch manager systematically comes to your home to assess all your needs so that he can assign the home cleaning professional who can best meet them.
    This visit is the basis of our quality guarantee. Your home is not the same as your neighbour’s; you have different products and materials and specific needs and expectations. The only way to make an accurate assessment is to visit your home and each room in it.
    Because each child is unique, we believe it is essential to meet with you to discuss your expectations, but especially him/her, his/her habits, his/her lifestyle, …, and in his/her environment.
    We feel that this is much more relevant than making an assessment at a distance, by telephone or on the internet, or asking you to come to one of our branches!

  • Do I have to leave my keys?

    That’s up to you to decide…
    If you are there while the service is being carried out, there is no need. If you are not there, you can leave us your keys in full confidence.
    More than 90% of our customers are not there during our services and entrust their home keys to us.

About payment

  • How much does a service cost?

    We don’t have a single rate, but rather a rate which varies according to:
    – your needs: the more complex your needs, the higher the rate (several house cleaning levels and several childcare options)
    – the number of hours ordered: the higher the number of hours, the lower the hourly rate (up to 3 euros an hour reduction!) for house cleaning & ironing, childcare and elderly care, and the duration of the subscription for the gardening service.
    Therefore, our rates are really adapted to your situation and you really do pay the fairest price!
    >> Consult our rates

  • Can I pay with the universal employment services vouchers (CESU)?

    You can pay for all personal services (house cleaning, ironing, childcare, etc.) with the prefinanced CESU vouchers.
    You can also opt for simplicity with a direct debit.

  • Where can I get CESU vouchers?

    Bank CESUs can be obtained from your bank simply by filling in an application form, but you must be an employer. As a service provider (so employer of every O2 professional), we cannot therefore accept them.
    Prefinanced CESU vouchers are distributed by an organisation which is involved in their financing, such as your employer, works council, social security or pension office, mutual benefit society, etc.
    We recommend that you find out from your works council or HR department if you can use them. We are also happy to explain to your works council or employer all the benefits of CESU.

  • What must I do about tax?

    With O2, it’s very simple: every year we send you a tax certificate to enable you to benefit from the tax deductions or credits in force.
    All you need to do is enter the amount on your certificate in your tax return.

Miscellaneous questions

  • Why O2?

    Our goal: Bring you well-being and a better quality of daily life
    No more worries about household chores, having someone to count on when problems arise, being able to treat yourselves, and devoting more time to your loved ones, etc. These are the values which quite naturally led us to oxygen! We are partners in daily living; our ambition is also to take part in a new art of living which allows people to lead a full working life and a full personal life

  • Is there a link between your company and the Arsenal and English rugby team sponsor?

    None, except for the name which we registered in France in 2000, that is to say before the famous mobile telephone operator registered its name…