O2 » PAJE (Benefit for the Care of Young Children)

PAJE (Benefit for the Care of Young Children)

As all our branches are approved by departmental Prefectures, as well as current tax benefits, our services entitle you (subject to conditions) to assistance from the CAF (Caisse d’Allocations Familiales – France Social Aid Scheme), the “Libre choix du mode de garde” (Free childcare mode choice) supplement as part of the PAJE (Prestation Accueil du Jeune Enfant – Benefit for the Care of Young Children).


  • Your (family) home or main residence is in France, or
  • You lived in France at least 6 month per year


  • You receive a minimum monthly income of €399 if you are alone, or €798 if you live in couple
  • The childminder provided the service at least 16 hours a month