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House cleaning & ironing with O2, how does it work?

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1/ Make an appointment

I make an appointment with O2 for a free visit to assess my needs at home

2/ Free evaluation of your needs

The local customer manager comes to my house, he/she listen to me, has a look round the house and identify with me my needs.

The purpose: To select the housecleaning professional who suits the best depending on the household chores which I want to delegate, dates and desired duration of the service.

We determine together the most adapted service. The local customer manager carries out a free and personalized study of my needs and only after I can sign my contract.

After this visit, my O2 local office call me to confirm the date and time of my first service as well as the identity of my house cleaning professional O2.

3/ Home-based Service

The housecleaning professional from O2 arrives in my house with his/her O2 identification card. As my local customer manager O2 received all of my instructions and expectations at the free visit, the house cleaning professional is ready to provide the service as soon as possible.

The housecleaning professional follows my instructions and respects my private life. Thanks to my home liaison diary, I can easily communicate with my housecleaning professional.

I can postpone or cancel one of my services with a notice period of 8 days

4/ Quality-control

O2 contacts me to ensure my satisfaction and consider possible improvements in my services:

  • At the end of my 1st intervention
  • At the end of the 1st month
  • Then, every 3 months

If I have any query or question, O2 will be always ready to listen to me. Through its information system, O2 keeps all our exchanges and can guarantee an effective response and an optimal processing time.

In case I am not satisfied with one of my regular services, I benefit from the guarantee “satisfied, redone or money back”!